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Visit Polydec's premises in just a few clicks of the mouse

See just what Polydec SA looks like! The company offers you a complete tour of its premises by means of an interactive virtual tour with 360° spherical panoramic photos. Just sit back and we'll show you around!

Visit a room…
Go into a room by clicking and holding down your mouse button, then dragging it from left to right and top to bottom to see in all directions.

Move from one room to another…
Two options:

  • click on hotspots (these little red dots) to access the highlighted room instantly, or…
  • click on the "NAVIGATION" pane on the left to open a detailed access map. Now simply access the department of your choice directly by clicking on it.

Take a closer look...
Use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

For a better view and an even more impressive effect, browse in full screen mode.

Enjoy your visit!

by moxi