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Since its founding, with five Petermann P4 turning machines, Polydec SA has worked its way up to become a serious high-precision micro-turning partner to the automotive, watchmaking, electronics and medical industries.

Its stock of mainly Swiss-made machinery comprises CNC automatic lathes with 5-9 axes and Escomatic turning machines, and enables Polydec SA to offer a wide range of products. From a large volume of simple parts (e.g. simple or knurled shafts and pins), to small production runs of complex-shaped micro parts (e.g. test probes), the company is able to meet the very highest requirements.

Other additional operations may also be carried out, with Polydec SA wishing to offer its customers a comprehensive service:

  • heat treatments
  • polishing
  • black polishing
  • nickel plating
  • gold plating

These post-turning operations are either carried out in-house or externally by certified partners who follow the quality protocol set by Polydec SA.

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