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Supplier of micro-parts machined by bar turning for the high-quality watchmaking sector

The historic birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, the Jura Arc is also seen as the birthplace of bar turning. These two trades, one relating to machining and the other to assembly, have grown up together in the region. Polydec SA benefits from this shared history and offers its expertise to high-end watch companies.

Equipped with CNC machines and "Escomatic" turning machines, the company produces highly complex microscopic parts. The watchmaking world has changed dramatically over the decades, not only in terms of the mechanism but also from an aesthetic point of view. Polydec SA has expertise in both these areas… From machining your watchmaking parts, including drilling, tapping and threading through to finishing operations such as plating - including nickel-plating and gold-plating - and polishing, the company offers performance that meets the strict demands of the "Swiss Made" label.

Very common in the watchmaking industry, black polishing, also known as mirror polishing, is a polishing process that is used to give the rough turned part a smooth surface finish, like a mirror. This technique is often used in high-end watchmaking for its superior quality in terms of the end result. For this operation, Polydec SA works closely with qualified suppliers with specialexperience with this surface treatment.

Careful attention is also paid to delivery times, a matter of pride for the company thanks to its high-performance logistics and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.


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Examples of watchmaking parts

cylindrical pins

curb pins





watch screws


fixing screws


Usual dimensions

diameters between 0.05 mm and 4 mm
max. length 50 mm

Materials brass 58A, Sandvik 20AP (~1.095), Sandvik 4C27A (1.4197), nickel silver (NM2, N09), 303 (1.4305), 420 F (1.4035)
Particular specifications "Swiss Made" quality, high precision, adherence to delivery times


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Examples of watchmaking parts
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