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Supplier of micro-components produced using screw machining (turning) for the electronics and connector industries

Specialists in machining electronic micro-components and test plungers for printed circuit boards and semi-conductors, Polydec SA offers a wide range of skills in the creation of complex small diameter parts designed for the electronics and connector sectors.

The challenges encountered in this field require experienced suppliers, whose capabilities considerably exceed the conventional limits for turning and screw machining. Polydec SA is able to offer comprehensive solutions and services in the electronics and connector sector for a part adapted to every usage requirement.

Surface treatments such as micro-polishing, and nickel/gold-plating can be applied to protect the electronic part from corrosion and/or ensure the surface finish is less than Ra 0.1, giving a very high shine. But most importantly, precise electroplating helps produce accurate electric signals for measurement.

These operations are critical for test plungers and semi-conductor probes, and are executed every day by Polydec SA or in conjunction with its highly qualified partners.


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Example of parts used in the following components test plungers
pogo pins
battery connectors
electronic micro-components

test equipment for printed circuit boards and semi-conductors

probe points
spring contacts


Usual dimensions

diameters between 0.05 mm and 4 mm
max. length 50 mm

Materials CuBe (copper-beryllium), brass, Sandvik 20AP (~1.095), Sandvik 4C27A (1.4197), 420 F (1.4035), Maillechort, special alloys
Particular specifications Tolerances +/- 2 microns depending on case, very high geometric precision (concentricity), complexity, surface finish and finish


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