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Supplier of machined and turned parts for the automotive sector

As a subcontractor for manufacturing automotive parts, Polydec SA produces over 20 million shafts each month for instrument panels, stepper motors and injection systems. The company has extensive expertise in turned parts, with special features such as knurling. Polydec SA specialises in polishing as well as heat treatments (tempering and hardening).

Applying quality management based on IATF 16949, Polydec SA worksefficiently, rationalising operations and reducing costs in the supply chain. This technical specification, applied to all participants in the automotive sector, gives the turned parts company a specific competitive advantage and drives it to excel.

The application of quality management tools, such as APQP, FMEA (FMECA) or SPC, enables the turned parts company to manage production processes and to respond to specialised requests from manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Polydec SA, European leader in the manufacture of micro-axles for instrumentation, is responsible for over 55% of global production of this type of automotive part.


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Examples of automotive parts

micro-axles for motors

shafts for radial rotors

shafts for stepper motors

output shafts

injection pump shafts

knurled shafts

components for injection pumps or carburettors


diameters between 0.05 mm and 4 mm
max. length 50 mm

Materials stainless steel AISI 303 (1.4305), AISI 420F (1.4035), Sandvik 20AP (~1.095), Sandvik 4C27A (1.4197), 12 L 14 (1.0737), brass
Particular specifications continued improvement, just-in-time production flow, efficiency, mass production


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Examples of automotive parts
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