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Swiss turning parts and precision machining in the following sectors: automotive, watch making, electronics and medical

Polydec SA is the go-to partner in Swiss turning parts and precision machining for micro-parts - with a diameter between 0.05 mm and 4 mm - and supplies numerous industries all over the world:



With an annual production of over 250 million micro-axles for use in dashboards, Polydec SA equips five cars out of every ten, making them the primary provider in Europe and one of the world leaders in this market. Polydec also supplies turned parts for diesel injection systems, actuators and other automotive applications.



Polydec SA's extensive experience in micro-machining has helped it establish a foothold in the watch making industry. The company mainly produces the high-precision parts used in watch movements. Nowadays the company supplies the big names in luxury watch making.



Polydec SA machines test probes for use in electronics. Used to test semi-conductors and PCB’s, these micro-components have sometimes an outer diameter of 0.30 mm and an inner diameter of 0.25 mm. This means that the wall dimension is 0.025 mm - half the thickness of a hair. Some parts can be smaller than 0.2 mm in external diameter. Polydec also produces specialty connectors and other electronic components.



It has a presence in various projects, including insulin pumps, hearing aids, dental tools and endoscopic instruments, among others – Polydec SA is developing its reputation in the medical sector.


Overall, Polydec SA's expertise and equipment, which are constantly developing, allow it to provide solutions which are adapted to every industry where precision, quality and responsiveness play key roles.


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