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A company is nothing without customers. Convinced that its success is based primarily on that of its customers, Polydec SA takes particular care in maintaining its relationships with them. This attitude of seeking to establish a true partnership with its customers, and to fully satisfy their requirements in the long term, is at the heart of the company's routine priorities and concerns.



Our performance in recent years has only been possible thanks to the expertise and ongoing investment of some fifty staff members. Polydec SA makes every effort to provide an environment that is conducive to training, development and achievement for its employees. It also promotes transparency and dialogue within the company, which it believes are necessary for success. All these factors are essential for the company's long-term future.



Its desire to innovate, reinforced by strict high quality standards, has allowed Polydec SA to become one of the leaders in the market. The company constantly seeks to push the boundaries of what is "technically feasible" by keeping a sustained focus on technological development. This vision is implemented by continually renewing our stock of machinery.



Polydec SA is keenly aware of the importance of environmental challenges. Prior to any new project or major investment, the company conducts a study on its environmental impact, as required under the terms of its ISO 14001 certification. But Polydec SA does not stop there. It also raises employee awareness through sporadic actions designed to realign behaviour and everyday actions in favour of protecting the environment.

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